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Peace of Mind for Less Than You Think: 5 Home Security Tips You Need to Know

Posted in Alarm & Security, Get SMART & Get SAFE Packages on February 15, 2019

Few things take away your sense of safety like a home burglary. Protect your home and your family with these essential home security tips. Nothing’s more important than keeping your family and valuables safe from burglars.  But are you doing everything you can to prevent a break in? Statistics show, there is a burglary every three minutes in the United States. It’s important to take precaution and upgrade your security so criminals will pass on robbing your home. Here are Read more →

Why It’s Important to Test Your Indoor Air Quality During Cold and Flu Season

Posted in Air Conditioning & HVAC, Electrical, Get SMART & Get SAFE Packages on January 15, 2019

Testing your indoor air quality during cold and flu season is very important. Read on to find out why indoor air quality testing is so important. You’ve likely heard that indoor air quality can affect your health. What you may not realize is how common poor indoor air quality is and how strong its effects can be. In fact, indoor air pollution can be as bad or worse than outdoor air pollution. With people spending so much time indoors, there’s Read more →

Enjoy Energy Savings and Boost Efficiency with Home Automation

Posted in Get SMART & Get SAFE Packages, Home Automation on October 15, 2018

  Home automation is where sustainability and convenience meet. Incorporating smart home technology makes it easier to reduce energy consumption and the carbon footprint a home or business creates. There are countless ways you can automate and make your home more efficient simultaneously. Check out a few of the ways Seabreeze can help you save money and live more comfortably with home automation, or “Smart Home. At the touch a button, you can easily control your home theater system, media Read more →