Residential Construction

Residential Construction for Home Builders

SeaBreeze has a long history of working with many of the nation’s top production and custom home builders. We understand the importance of meeting scheduled timelines, maintaining standards of quality, ensuring safety and meeting insurance requirements. We work closely with the project managers to make your job as a home builder more efficient and more profitable.

We have been trade partners with most of Florida’s top production and custom home builders for the construction of single-family, and large custom homes.

Production Home Builders

Our production home builders can construct many homes under stringent guidelines with fast-paced scheduling. As experts in the electrical industry, we at SeaBreeze Electric maintain a commitment to learning, both from within and outside our industry. Working closely with production builders for decades has instilled in us the keys to completing projects according to strict deadlines while maintaining high quality and safety standards. The production builders from Florida and the nation at large exhibit an impressive organizational prowess.

Our Top Production Home Builders Include:

  • Accent
  • Centex
  • David Weekley Homes
  • DR Horton
  • GHO Homes
  • GL Homes
  • Home Dynamics Construction Corp
  • Kolter Homes
  • Lennar
  • Minto
  • Neal Communities
  • Potter Homes, Inc.
  • Pulte
  • Ryland Group, Inc
  • Stock Development
  • Taylor Morrison
  • Toll Brothers
  • WCI

Custom Home Builders

Custom builders create homes according to specifications provided by the buyer. This means that no two homes by these builders are exactly alike; therefore, the electrical systems can vary extensively. The electrical experts at SeaBreeze Electric are seasoned veterans when it comes to designing, implementing, and maintaining electrical systems for custom-built homes. We frequently work with custom builders to create unique configurations, so each custom home buyer can have the home of their dreams.

Our Premier Custom Home Builders Include:

  • Arthur Rutenberg Homes
  • John Cannon Homes, Inc
  • McGarvey Development
  • Potter Homes, Inc.
  • Michael Angelo

Multi-Family Electrical Construction

Included in multi-family construction projects are multi-family apartment buildings, townhomes, and timeshares. At SeaBreeze, we assist in the electrical needs of each of these projects, which vary in complexity. Multi-family construction in Florida is an exciting area that operates under strict deadlines in a beautiful choreography between a number of building professionals, including electrical. Electrical professionals ensure that lights are on well before the first tenants move in, so they can see the fantastic details in the new construction. From luxury apartments to townhomes, whether the project comprises four units or four hundred units, SeaBreeze Electric Inc. collaborates with industry leaders to ensure multi-family construction projects are completed safely and on time, according to high-quality standards.

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