Are You A Home Owner?

Get SMART & Get SAFE with these SeaBreeze Home Solutions, Contact US to Request Estimate!

Safeguard Your Appliances & Electronics

  • 80% of all surges are generated in the house by machines like AC units and appliances
  • Unpredictable weather and lightning can also create dangerous surges
  • An InPanel Surge Protector is one of the most cost-effective investments that can save your appliances, home theater system, personal computer and electronic equipment
  • Whole house surge protection is an absolute must

Power Up Your Home Safely

  • Generators produce potentially lethal carbon monoxide and must be operated outdoors for safety.
  • Connecting your generator directly to your electrical panel is dangerous. Potentially resulting in overloading and damaging your circuits, “back-feeding” of electricity, and ultimately creating a fire hazard.
  • Installing a generator kit makes hooking up your generator as easy as “Plug & Play.” No more power extension cords.
  • The kit is installed in less than 2 hours, putting a safety feature in your electrical panel that activates a new weatherproof outside outlet. (Generator not included)

Protect Your Health

  • Indoor air quality is a major risk for home owners
  • Pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and mold get into the air you breathe
  • Avoid the risk of illness and improve the overall well-being of everyone in your home
  • Purify your air with the right solution

Stay Tuned with regular AC Maintenance

  • Do not lose your AC unit’s warranty – maintain your AC Unit regularly
  • Our Energy Savings Inspection (18 Point AC Tune Up) will make sure that you get maximum energy efficiency.
  • Improved air quality is key to staying healthy, and is part of the standard maintenance for air conditioning systems.
  • Our AC Maintenance agreement includes 2 services a year and filter replacement
  • The flexible “Pay as You GO” agreement – requires no contract term, and no upfront payment.

Automate Your Home

  • Control your lighting, sound system, & AC thermostat from the touch of your smartphone or tablet
  • Fully integrated home automation system
  • Make your Home SMART with a 360 degree solution including design, installation and maintenance

Secure Your Home

  • Use your smart phone to remotely control and monitor the safety and comfort of your home with the touch of your finger
  • The 2GIG IMAGE1 is a passive infrared motion detector with an integrated camera. This multi-functional image sensor is designed to capture snapshots of an intruder based on motion detection.
  • Model GC-TBZ48 is a battery powered Z-wave thermostat that connects to all Z-Wave hubs, including the 2GIG GC2 panel giving you control over your home’s comfort wherever you are.